Internet Permission/Publicity Release Form All SPIRIT students must have this form on file each year. 91.4 KB
SPIRIT General Information Questions answered about our program. 73.7 KB
SPIRIT Newsletter & Welcome 2016 A source for contact information all parents need and schedule of classes for all grades. 145 KB
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2016/17 George County Gifted Teachers (front- left to right) Mrs. Melinda Howell, Mrs. Katri Welford, Mrs. Cathy Davis (back- left to right) Mrs. Holly Hulbert, Mrs. Kimberly Lumpkin, Mrs. Lisa McMillan, Mrs. Lela Powe (not pictured) Mrs. Debbie Welford


Supporters of SPIRIT (S.O.S.)
is a parent/community affiliate group that is dedicated for promoting and sponsoring SPIRIT endorsed events.  

SPIRIT itself is a resource program that serves students from different schools 2nd thru 8th grade with exceptional intellectual talents.